.:AMUI:. Prêt à Porter

#Owned by Calderita Umia#

Dear Customer,

.:AMUI:. offers to you fashion designs of clothes and shoes for a modern woman. Designs have a good quality with a very nice price.

Through the group we will notice you about our new models of clothes and shoes, gifts and promos, that will go on sale in our stores.

Thank you for visiting .:AMUI:. Prêt à Porter








- After purchase, check the folder "Recent Items" to make sure that all of the items of the outfit are there.
- Almost of my items permisions are Copy/No Modify/No Transfer. 
- NO DELETE the product Box, so you have a backup of the items if you ever need it.
- Sometimes there are items with permissions Modify or Transfer.
- Usually need to unpack.


Almost of our Shoes work with Mesh Feet (Slink/Maitreya/Belleza/TMP). Feet NOT included in that purchase.

** About some shoes: In order to keep HEELS ABOVE THE GROUND you must modify the HOVER of your avatar body shape. Right Click on avatar > Appearance >Edit Shape> Body > Hover.


Described below is our store policy regarding purchases.
Please read this if you have any problem with our products.

** Undelivered products

When products are not delivered due to Linden bugs and lag.

- Copy Items: Use Redelivery Terminal in Mainstore.

- NO Copy Items: 

Please send the following info in a notecard to Calderita Umia:

. Marketplace: Copy and send the full transaction detail order.
Access Menu: My Marketplace - My account - Order history.

. Mainstore: Transaction history (transaction time and date, transaction number, product name).

We will resend you the product

** Demos/Refunds 

Most models in store have been tested with different mesh bodies: Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, The Mesh Project, Eve, etc, BUT TRY Demo before purchasing, NO Refunds, except double purchase (please send inworld a notecard with both transaction details). You can try DEMO item in Mainstore. If you don't find the DEMO available in Mainstore, please, send me an IM and I will provide you.

I do NOT guarantee a fit for all Shapes and Mesh bodies combinations, TRY Demo before purchase. NO refund for not fitting. For the best adaptation you can use the Hud Alpha of your body, select the appropiate alpha. May be that the complexity of the design requires modification of your avatar appearance. Remember this before purchase our designs.

I take no responsibility, if you don't try the provided free Demo or don't read the product description fully!

** About Appliers (Omega)

For Omega Applier function you MUST own the Relay/Scripts for your Mesh(es) from "Omega Systems". Omega Appliers without the Relay/Scripts for your Mesh(es) WON'T work! Make sure you have the updated Relay/Script, some older versions do not work with the Omega Advanced System.

Supported Meshes for Omega Appliers:

** Customer Service

Please, for any questions and customer support contact with Calderita Umia inworld.

Send me an IM or Notecard inworld, if you do not get an answer after 48 hours, please, send me again.

Purchases on Marketplace: Don't use the Marketplace Rating System as Customer Service. If you love the item, please leave a rating and/or comment. If you have any problems or questions please contact me before you leave a negative rating! I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and I will do whatever I can to make you happy.

** About Textures 

Textures are my own create and handmade. They are intellectual property and under copyright. Copying my textures and/or stealing my textures will result to a report to Linden Labs and lead to a DMCA.

** Custom made products

Sorry but we only accept orders excepcionally for custom made items.
Although, we are always open to suggestions and will keep these in mind for our future product improvement.

** Exchange
If your product has a part that is not working properly send an IM message to Calderita Umia with information on product and what part is not working. 
Your product will not be exchanged for another at the store or online marketplace, place just the part.  ( example: Prim Skirt)

Calderita Umia
Owner - .:AMUI:. Prêt à Porter 

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